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Thread: A Message of hope for Sumatra & Samoa

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    A Message of hope for Sumatra & Samoa

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    I am extending a message of hope & speedy recovery for Sumatra & Samoa from the recent disaster that has struck there countries

    My brother was despatched only just this morning with a military medical team to the earthquake zone in Indonesia to help in the rescue and health needs of the affected areas

    With a sad heart I extend condolences to all that have lost family members in this natural tragedy :(

    And hope that in time all is well again

    I am sure CS members have a similar view

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    Re: A Message of hope for Sumatra & Samoa

    It was certainly a shock the other day to buy the papers in the morning on the way to work, to read the headlines of the earthquake--tsunami disaster.

    My heart and hope goes out towards our neighbors. I know next year I will be heading out there for my Malay Archipelago trip.

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