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Thread: Poppy - Do you remember?

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    Poppy - Do you remember?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Im wearing a poppy today.

    I dont think it glorifies war, I dont think it represents the oppressed but I do think that the one of two dollars it costs to buy one does help war widows and returned soldiers get the support that they certainly deserve. *

    Even down to that ol bloke at the card table who sits in the sun, wind and rain all week to sell poppies without pay, without much thanks just because he belives in the cause. *Good, unselfish people like this make our community a better place to be.

    I also wear it as a sign of respect, a moment of thought, a teary reflection of those that stood tall and proud. *I stand proudly Australian for the minute silence and encourage others to buy a poppy and have a think about what we have, where we are and just how damn good we have it!

    Do you remember?

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    Re: Poppy - Do you remember?

    Well said andy, thanks, it has personal Significance ;)

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    Re: Poppy - Do you remember?


    Personal significance for me too which I guess makes a difference.

    I had my computer set to notify me today but was very pleasantly surprised that they broadcast part of the service and the last post over the building PA (27 floor building, largely public service) and observed the minutes silence.

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    Re: Poppy - Do you remember?

    At 11 am today I was in the gym.

    At 11 am when the war ended my father was in the North Atlantic.

    I stopped for one minute. I try to do this wherever I am on 11.11 at 11.


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    Re: Poppy - Do you remember?

    Im extremely embarrassed to say I missed it this morning - considering my background, my family ties, etc it just slipped by me. Normally Im at work, where we all stop, but because I was home with my son who was watching Play School at the time, there was nothing to twig me to the fact.

    However, as soon as I read your thread, Andy and cottoned on to the fact, I held a belated 1 minutes silence.

    RIP all the diggers, serving personnel, my father in law and my father.

    You are gone, but never forgotten.


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    Re: Poppy - Do you remember?

    Missed the whole thing and didnt even realise until the kids mentioned rememberance day at school today, despite saying hello to the old guy at the station selling poppies.
    I was in a meeting at 11:00am.

    I think we have lost the plot somewhat, perhaps work places should be doing what schools do and actively promoting the 1 minute silence to their staff.

    Perhaps a morning tea, we do it for cancer and other charities so why not for legacy. It will be a suggestion i put to our "CSR" committee for next year.

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