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Thread: Cleaning Aircon filters and range hood :-?

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    Cleaning Aircon filters and range hood :-?

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    Cleaning Aircon filters and range hood :-?

    As some are well aware the temps and moisture content in the SE corner of QLD (Coffee2di4 included) has been rather excessive...

    Kitchen is the most used room and the Aircon has been struggling... Wife keeps turning of the coffee machine *:o *Produces heat and the relationship is such that she feels she is sometimes the other woman *:o :o :o

    So as a surprise... I took out the so called hepa / internal filters of the Aircon unit and being in the kitchen.. A reasonable abount of fine dust and cooking fats etc as a sticky residue on the mesh..

    Oh well; cleaning the coffee gear and had a sink with a solution of warm water and Cafetto coffee cleaner *;D *Hey good for removing oils and not too destructive on rubber and plastics...

    A quick dip and a light brush, rinse and presto - Good as new...

    RCA... *Cooking causes smoke and oil partials... *I wonder what the filter is like over the stove and the exhaust fan.. * *:o *>:( *:-X * *

    That sink full of clean fluid was used again... *Presto .. *Nice clean filters and the ally almost looks a shiny as when it was new.

    RCA... *Some one has not been following the recommended clean procedure or cooking too much..

    Preventative action.... *Another clean job and as it has a coffee component; its mine *;D

    Moral: *Cafetto is good for more than just coffee machines *;)

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    Re: Cleaning Aircon filters and range hood :-?

    When we moved out of our house in Maitland, just prior to our journey up the coast into "The Humidity State" :P, I used my Clean Machine for everything that was stainless steel or close to, including the kitchen sink.

    The stuff is just brilliant!

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    Re: Cleaning Aircon filters and range hood :-?

    dishwasher is the place for those rangehood filters, also good for car parts ;)

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