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Thread: A Coffee in Good Spirits Forum?

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    A Coffee in Good Spirits Forum?

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    Today while sitting with Coffee2Di4 watching the Coffee in Good Spirits Championships at the Barista championships at the 2010 Food and Wine Festival i thought that a Coffee and Alcohol forum on the board would be really cool.
    Now i dont drink alcohol so i wouldnt be seen in that forum much!
    But if people were taking photos of their drinks id be in there quite often. I thought that the Drinks being made at the championships were very good looking and apparently very tasty!
    Anyway just a thought.

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    Re: A Coffee in Good Spirits Forum?

    Id love one covering Good Spirits & Signature Drinks, but Id also like to see an extractions forum. I think here people are more focused on machines and home roasting.

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    Re: A Coffee in Good Spirits Forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1930233D343F0E123E373734340E1A3835510 link=1264937446/0#0 date=1264937446
    I thought that the Drinks being made at the championships were very good looking and apparently very tasty!
    For sure Lartay!

    The coffee in good spirits is a funny beast and certainly a very young competition in this country but I agree, the quality of the drinks served in just the second competition in Oz was amazing.

    I do think we could have a section for "Good Spirits and Sig drinks" but only after there were enough posts about them in the other sections.

    It seems that typically we are all having too much fun with straight coffee to have time or motivataion to try making cocktails or mocktails.

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    Re: A Coffee in Good Spirits Forum?

    I dont know - after sampling about 8 of them yesterday, Im now a big fan!!! ;) Lartay had to remind me a few times that I was the designated driver and in charge of his health and wellbeing! ;D

    I was just glad that Andy and Scoots were distracted enough to leave all the sampling to me, but I was really disappointed I didnt get to try the sig drink of the winner because it looked absolutely delicious! Unfortunately it was a fairly smallish drink and by the time all the judges had skulled their bit, the compares and a few others on the stage, it was all gone... :(

    Mmmmm, feel like a Baileys with an espresso shot now!


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