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Thread: 2-Year-Old Chain Smoker

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    2-Year-Old Chain Smoker

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    Have you seen last weeks viral video? Its about a two-year-old boy from Indonesia whos addicted to smoking and can consume 40 cigarettes a day. His father got him started by giving him a stick when he was only 18 months old. I say its really sick. Watch the video here:

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    Re: 2-Year-Old Chain Smoker

    Lots of things in different cultures are sick to others..

    I mean... Why would some one want to not wash; after attending to ones bodily needs and just use paper to smear *:o * Should be a law agents it...

    Lot less transmission of some nasty stuff; if every one washed...

    Besides with teh $$ his family has made from this and the media attention as to Anti smoking.. Every one wins.. Good PR if ya ask me... Now about those washing habits ;)

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