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Thread: Getting the best $$$ on an Online Auction - Maybe...

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    Getting the best $$$ on an Online Auction - Maybe...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Quote Originally Posted by 2529202D2D24480 link=1212893601/23#23 date=1276904284
    I had a laugh i thought it had gone

    someone kicked off the bid @ $100 after he listed it bid from $100 or Buy it now $1000

    must have canceled the bid and re-listed *it @ 1k BIN only.....

    i hate bid canceling *
    Na.. Not bid cancelling... Testing the market..

    A few do it... And have had many have tried it on me ...

    Do a Auction and prior to the last 24hrs.. (Ya can ignore e-bay rules as many do not report any way..) if the Watchers and Bids and BACK-DOOR bids are all over the place ---- It can be advantageous to *close the current Auctions early.. *AND then; re list with buy it now; as to where you think it might be best...

    This seller did it with ALL his items not just the Coffee machine...

    If ya have the old Ended listing still up; Sometimes you can see the reason he / they gave as to ending early..

    Interesting when some say NO longer available and then re advertise ASAP *;D

    PS... Also changed the description as to how long with no use/ storage... Dodgy Brothers...

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    Re: Getting the best $$$ on an Online Auction - Maybe...

    If a commercial auctioneering firm did that sort of B!@##hit their reputation would be in the toilet where it belongs.

    Evilbay has plenty of options available to sellers to "test the market" you can place whatever opening price you like or even set a low price then place a reserve on it. Making wholesale changes to listings part way through an Auction is apart from bad form the sort of behaviour that gets people in front of consumer affairs departments if done commercially so why should a private individual be treated any different.

    An Auction once started with a valid bid or bids is the commencement of an agreement to sell an item to another and there should be consequences if the sellers backs out even if sideways !

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    Re: Getting the best $$$ on an Online Auction - Maybe...

    The Trade Practices Act is wide ranging; Im wondering if its possible to use it against an evilBay seller?

    I know that individual sales persons are fined separately to their employers.
    The only difference being the size of the fine.

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