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Thread: Favourite iPhone Apps?

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    Favourite iPhone Apps?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    So as not to hijack the iPhione 4 thread, I was wondering what are your favourite iPhone apps? I am always looking for cool apps ;)

    For games I love
    Angry Birds

    faces lite - a kind of fast dialer/texter app
    Budget shop - keeps track of what I am spending during shopping and a shopping list.
    safe note - secure password storage
    SMS Smileys - cause I can ;D

    Food and cooking
    Barista - need I say more? ;D
    Nigella - Nigella Lawson. Probably the best food app. Comes with videos etc and is great
    Jaime Oliver - good, but you need wi fi to download the videos.
    Chinese food in Minutes (CFIM) - great little app with some excellent fast asian recipes. i have used this a few times

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    Re: Favourite iPhone Apps?

    Facebook: for those rare few moments I need to make last minute changes to dinner plans with mates. Instead of a deluge of sms we create a facebook even for ourselves each week to discuss a location.

    World of Warcraft Authenticator: Ensures my time killer is safe & secure from hackers 8-)

    iXpenseIt: Budget tracker, helps me keep track of where my spending cash comes in & goes out. Also contains a handy business expense tracker, though I dont use that.

    Shanghai: A Mah-jong app, excellent time killer. Crazy number of tile layouts to play with.

    Flashlight: A free app that turns the screen pure white, perfect for trying to find things in the dark and the bloody torch batteries are dead.

    Mover: Not used as much now, but makes for an easy way to transfer contact details & pictures between iPhone devices.

    Oh, and the shortcut to load for beanbay while were in the middle of dinner on Tuesdays!

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    Re: Favourite iPhone Apps?

    My iphone has saved my life since moving to Melbourne from UK. Tells me what trains to catch, when the trams are running, tells me where I left my car, what directions to take etc etc
    My favourite apps at minute are...

    TomTom - invaluable for me as a new Melbournite
    Todo - great organiser app
    Read it Later - great for articles etc I come across on the laptop and want to read later on iphone
    G-Park - Tells me where I parked my car
    Metlink/Tramtracker - public transport info
    Guardian - keeping up to date with UK news
    BBC- to keep me informed of whats happening when the PROPER football season starts
    The Onion- The funniest app I have
    Loads of others.

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    Re: Favourite iPhone Apps?

    CX & KA Mobile - Airline apps (search/buy/check-in/etc)
    Beanhunter - need I say more?
    Whats App - Global messaging app. No more SMS roaming charges
    Currencies - Used constantly
    Google Maps - As above
    Wunder Radio - The worlds radio stations at your fingertips
    IMDB - When you cant recall who starred in what, when
    iPeng - your iPhone becomes a Squeezebox remote
    Flight Control - Pseudo Air Traffic Control game
    Flight Status, Aeroweather, NAIPS, Jet Fuelling - work related

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    Re: Favourite iPhone Apps?

    About 100 apps on there now (thank goodness for the new ability to folderise things and probably bad for me being a slacker and not taking things off I dont use because Ive got 32g to play with!)

    My most used:-

    Tom Tom Navigator (if you dont already have it, GBatterley, Id really recommend the Tom Tom Cradle - boosts the performance even more and charges it twice the pace that putting it straight into the lighter socket does)

    Angry Birds (yep, agreed Lucinda, very addictive!)
    Plants -v- Zombies

    Yellow Pages
    White Pages


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    Re: Favourite iPhone Apps?

    Just to add a couple more favourites I have found

    3D Brain - a freebie that is just fascinating. Shows the anatomy of the brain and describes *the various functions etc

    My Hours - As an Agency nurse this keeps track of my hours, my pay and the type of hospital I have worked in eg public, private and type of shift.

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    Re: Favourite iPhone Apps?

    Roastmaster- Home roasting app that keeps inventory of your beans, cupping notes, roasting notes and profiles, roast degrees and much much more. lots to play with for the home roaster.

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    Re: Favourite iPhone Apps?

    If I had an iPhone Id want the Tram Tracker app for the Melbourne Trams.

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