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Thread: A glimpse at the future !!!!

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    A glimpse at the future !!!!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Many have read posts where I refrence a very special B grad movie; that has an important message for all.

    I just got about a dozen txt calls *" Channel 10 late Saturday night " .

    Watch it for the message not the quality of the camera man....

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    Re: A glimpse at the future !!!!

    Well well well... As usual I must be a little out there in Right and Left field, but a few more around here are starting to question what many think is the norm and teh way forward...

    A narrator explains that natural selection is indifferent to intelligence, so that in a society in which intelligence is systematically debased, stupid people easily out-breed the intelligent, creating, over the course of five centuries, an irremediably dysfunctional society. Demographic superiority favours those least likely to advance society. Consequently, the children of the educated Úlites are drowned in a sea of sexually promiscuous, illiterate, alcoholic, proletarian peers.

    Joe learns that water has been replaced with Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator, a drink advertised as "rich in electrolytes", for virtually every purpose, including crop irrigation. Water is only used in toilets. Over time, the electrolytes in Brawndo accumulated in the soil, killed the crops, and caused the food shortage.

    After Joe reintroduces the practice of watering crops, the Brawndo Corporations stock becomes worthless, causing great unemployment without visibly improving the crop situation. The angry populace riot, and Joe is sentenced to a day of "rehabilitation", an execution disguised as a public demolition derby, billed as "Monday Night Rehabilitation".

    1: I thought it was interesting that it was on Saturday night... Election time.

    2: The ongoing references to Starbucks ( now the worlds biggest brothel ) and a Hot Latte OR Mocha provide real outcomes for the population etc

    3: Even fast food chicken shops have "Happy endings" ... Opps some one must have remembered Thailand or Vietnam

    4: "rich in electrolytes" Ohhhh

    Dot you just love of the Health drinks of TODAY... "rich in electrolytes" or even the other extreme... RO water - removes all teh cram and then use the other cartridge to replace the good minerals ;D :D

    Note to self... Do not watch Idiocracy and then "Black Coffee and Cigarettes" in one sitting... Tis a bit much to manage.

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    Re: A glimpse at the future !!!!

    Charles Darwin may have been wrong when he argued that competition was the major driving force of evolution.

    He imagined a world in which organisms battled for supremacy and only the fittest survived.

    But new research identifies the availability of "living space", rather than competition, as being of key importance for evolution.
    Full Article:

    Java "The movie may be closer to the mark than we care to think!" phile

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    Re: A glimpse at the future !!!!

    I loved the movie but the fact that the premise can happen is the scariest part of it.

    My brother and I have a running joke about electrolytes haha.

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