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Thread: Christchurch shakes again

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    Christchurch shakes again

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    We are thinking of our friends in Christchurch NZ with the quakes over recent hours.


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    Hi on this site here they have given up counting the shakes. Canterbury Quake Live Worth a look at.
    Best thing about the Quake, it broke my Coffee Machine and I got an upgrade. Drinking better coffee now.

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    My thoughts to those over the Tasman.

    Some are still trying to recover from the previous major one.

    Challenging enough to run a cafe, let alone being on the end of a moving skin of our earth.

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    Three Years down and it looks like the shakes are slowing down. You think you are covered by Insurance, you have to fight till to the bitter end to get basic cover and they wear you down. It should not be this hard, you pay out in good faith and then get screwed. The City is divided those with damage on the East and those with no damage on the West. The West got repaired first {coz it was easy}and the East was forgotten, too hard. We are living in a broken home covered with ply, with rats in the roof. Asked insurance to help get rid of them. They said No but we can put more ply to cover the holes but it will have to come off of our accommodation allowance. Old policy, we only have 6 months and it will take three years to repair our house.
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    Most people don't realise ChCh quakes have been ongoing since Sept 4, 2010 - they're up to more than 12,000 quakes since then. You can have a look at them at Christchurch Quake Map - choose Sept 4 on the left sidebar and wait for them to run through.

    Must be like walking on jelly most days.

    Insurance companies are leeches, sucking the lifeblood - unless you are unlucky you'd be better off investing your premiums or even saving them in a term deposit against the time you need to extra. Maybe a class action against the companies might get some better response?

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    Here we go again had a good one last night 4.7 at 11.30 pm. Woke up felt like a train going through the bedroom. Canterbury Quake Live
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