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Thread: CoffeeSnobs slow to load.

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    CoffeeSnobs slow to load.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Wonder if anyone else has found pages on CS slow to load lately?
    Tried using FF and chrome, similar result, not talking minutes but on average pages are taking about 5 seconds to load, other sites I frequent remain unchanged.

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    Re: CoffeeSnobs slow to load.

    Could be slow today... 340 people online currently and Excite have 23 search engine bots on too

    The search engine bots are a pain as they browse faster than humans and have a lot of hits an hour. I have a robots.txt file that should slow them down a little but we still feel the impact when they hit this hard.

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    Re: CoffeeSnobs slow to load.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1D3238255C0 link=1332824108/1#1 date=1332826183
    The search engine bots are a pain
    theyre probably trying to be nice by hitting us when its night time ... in the US! ;D

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