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Thread: Happy Mothers Day!

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    Happy Mothers Day!

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    To all the CS Mums out there...

    Happy Mothers Day

    I hope you get spoilt today and at least got good coffee in bed this morning.

    My tribe made a pretty darn good looking stack of pancakes for Paula this morning.* 3 high (each kid made one) with sliced banana, fresh raspberries and real maple syrup in each layer and of course some whipped cream on top.*

    We even cleaned up our mess!

    Have a great day today Mums!

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    Re: Happy Mothers Day!

    Shanks, young man! I shouldve come down to your place for brekkie!

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    Re: Happy Mothers Day!

    Happy Mums Day to the CS Mums, I worked night shift last night and came home to cook Eggs Arnhem Land (muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and mud crab), made a nice latte and got our son to pick a bowl of frangipani flowers from the tree in our yard.

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    Re: Happy Mothers Day!

    Thank you!

    I had a great day. My kids got me a chocolate mud cake, which went well with a nice cuppa!

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