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Thread: The Great Wall Ute debate.....Chapter 2 - Asbestos

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    The Great Wall Ute debate.....Chapter 2 - Asbestos

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Maybe the blokes arguing about the Great Wall ute (in a thread about coffee machines) knew something was coming up.......

    Drive - Chinese cars recalled for using asbestos

    From SMH: 14/8/2012

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    I have a Great Wall X240. This is unfortunate for anyone who has been careless in working on clutch, brake, gasket and other parts that usually (or used to pre 2003 in Aus) contain asbestos. Bit of good luck though for all the owners who have stayed safe! Means we might (depending on the usage in the car) get some free replacements for our old parts. New brake pads, clutch friction parts and gaskets in the head/manifold/oil pump etc.... Let the mockers mock I say!

    Now I wonder who is going to replace all the asbestos in our houses........
    I also wonder if any of our imported coffee machines have asbestos parts.....

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    Hi all

    The importer may learn an expensive lesson - there is a difference in supply chain accountability between countries and manufacturers and hence they take a risk. Mattel, the toy company learn the hard way too; twice. Also the fact that the Chinese manufacturers are using asbestos also means that somewhere people in poorer countries are involved in mining & processing asbestos and using it in manufacturing these components. As consumers we have to take that into account how well those workers are being informed and whether they are working in safe conditions.


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