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Thread: Coffeesnobs email server down?

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    Coffeesnobs email server down?

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    I have been trying to recover my account from the old forums, but it seems that the email server is down. Even the email for registration hasnt gone through, hence the new account.


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    Re: Coffeesnobs email server down?

    How did you create a new account with the email server down?
    I think you will find the email is working fine, your ISP might be junking it before it gets to you which is why we recommend using a real email address, not hotmail or gmail.

    Send me an email if you are having grief and I'll have a look (please don't assume I'll see every post on the forum as often I won't)

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    For some reason on this account i didnt have to authorise it, it just was automatically activated. Note that VB4 can do this on its own if it detects that the mail server isnt responding, we inadvertently let a lot of spammers onto another forum im a part of when the email server died.

    Also, i twice tried using the "Contact Us" link down the bottom of the page but i guess you havnt seen those emails? Those emails are probably sent through the same server i guess.

    I have my own domain too, and the junk filter only shifts it to another directory for a month before deleting it there, and the emails arnt there.

    Oh yeah, i have PM notifications turned on for this account, and havnt received an email for either of the two PMs i got today.

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