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Thread: This is how those pod machines brew coffee

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    This is how those pod machines brew coffee

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    This is how those pod machines brew coffee
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    My near-future workplace offered me a coffee through a pod machine. Desperate for caffeine, I accepted.

    Now this explains the taste in the cup. The flavour was predominantly rats @ss with a hint of stale coffee.

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    Personally, I prefer the predominantly Cockroach flavour of the coffee machines found in the lobby of government buildings. You know the ones - with the 'fresh' beans in the see-thru hopper on the top, and the added fresh powdered milk on demand.

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    hahahahahaha just what I needed to give me a smile on an otherwise uneventful day at work

    love it, any chance of finding some other similar funnies?

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    Stolen for facebook.

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    Gold. I was in my office kitchen this afternoon pushing out an aeropress brew, when one of my co workers remarked how he loves how his nespresso gives effortless coffee, will have to show him this.

    Didn't help that I ground too fine, so was pushing a bit harder than normal.

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    to be fair, it's superior to instant (if you've ever had the pain of having to drink it...).

    But that doesn't make it good. And given the HUGE costs over time (them pods ain't cheap, even the home brand ones), pain in the ass.

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