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Thread: Free Letterpress equipment available

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    Free Letterpress equipment available

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    A printing museum in Nth Queensland is having to close one of their large storage sheds and has a bunch of equipment that they need to find homes for so it doesn't end up in a scrapyard.

    From what I have heard among other things there is available a Heidelberg windmill, a C&P guillotine, a die cutting machine, a linotype machine in poor condition, a perforator, some bookbinding equipment and some type. Pictures of some of the equipment can be seen here: Note that the Albion is not available as it is staying with the museum.

    If anyone has any interest in this equipment drop me a PM and I'll put you in touch with the owners.

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    What wonderful old machines. I say that having a background in lithographic printing. They should contact Heidleberg Australia. I believe they have museum of early printing technology.

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