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Thread: AFL--Sad state of affairs.

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    AFL--Sad state of affairs.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Melbourne fans abusing their own team, is this a sign of the times? seems that winning is everything to some of us.
    Check out pic # 6 in the link AFL Melbourne v Port Adelaide

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    Its not just AFL, comes with any code.

    It goes a long way back in human history, arena of some sort, some kind of physical blood sport and the cries for blood from the spectators. Possibly satisfying some kind of visceral primal urge experienced vicariously through the gladiators / players.

    I have always thought that die hard AFL fans go close to being on par with the soccer nut jobs.

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    AFL--Sad state of affairs.

    On a slightly related topic, the coffee from the carts at the MCG isn't that bad. Certainly better than you'd normally expect from temporary venues.

    Abusing your own team is dumb and counter-productive. But as a Hawthorn member, I think abusing your former club president for embarrassing the club should be fair game.

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    IMHO i feel the media play a big part in making some things seem worse than they really are. Maybe the media should be spending more time on highlighting the lazy take the AFL has on athletes taking performance enhancing or illegal drugs.

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