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Thread: Long, long ago, in a western near you...

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    Long, long ago, in a western near you...

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    Remember the old westerns, where the cowboys had a campfire at night, and a stranger would wander it and say he'd me mighty grateful for a cup of that coffee brewing away?

    That scene must've featured in scores of films and tv series....yet not once....not once... did we ever see the coffee being made.

    Did they have roasted or green beans? Did they carry a grinder in the saddle bags?

    How the hell did the liquid coffee magically appear in their pots over the campfire.

    The other popular place for coffee to be always heating away is in the sheriff's office, on the potbelly stove.

    But once again, while some passed judgement such as (spit) "this coffee tastes like mud" or "You always made a good cup of coffee, Mr Dillon",
    we never ever say the process of making it.

    Perhaps the scriptwriters had no idea themselves.....

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    I guess you have to figure that not too many of those cowboys were Coffee Snobs.

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