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Thread: Lumdomium rants

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    Lumdomium rants

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    "This has nothing to do with slinging mud, it was just honest user experience. I also notice that most of the people defending the Londinium don't own one or at least don't own a Luxe and are forming their opinions based on words on an internet page."

    I own one and have nothing but praise for the machine and the quality of espresso it consistently produces. I cannot compare it to GS3s or other high end machines, only to La Pavoni and a PV Lusso. The L1 is simply in a different league.

    I've not experienced any temperature stability issues but will follow the recently recommended short pre-infusions and short flushes. I haven't been able discern any difference to the operation of my machine though.

    I like the simplicity and the fact that other than changing a few seals every couple of years no further servicing should ever be required.

    It is good value for money in the UK even with our 20% VAT (sales tax).

    Perhaps other satisfied Londinium 1 owners will post in response to your implied challenge but satisfied customers tend to be less vocal than those with an axe to grind.

    It is clear that many on CS have been anti Londinium since its inception :-
    " Originally Posted by Andy ...... September 2012
    I thought from the subject line that this thread was a naming competition for the machine.

    My submission...


    ...unless the machine is going to be flush mounted into a wall cavity in which case I would go for


    This rather prompts the question why you would buy the machine in the first place.
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    Moved your post as you missed the bit that said we were going to get that thread back on topic.

    This rather prompts the question why you would buy the machine in the first place.

    Well... you are quoting me out of context. I had no idea what it was called when I replied in that thread... I thought the thread was to "name the machine".

    As to why I bought it... Believe it or not I did so to support Reiss. I appreciated that a little guy had built something amazing and wanted to encourage him, we even spoke about part barter for site sponsorship as I expected to love the machine (thankfully in hindsight that didn't happen)

    Yes, I still think it's fugly, it's never going to win a design award as an oddly proportioned silver box but I hoped it would be as functional as the glossy marketing hype said... and mine wasn't.

    Oh, welcome to CS billcoxfam.
    Enjoy your coffee and I'm happy that you love your machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post

    Oh, welcome to CS billcoxfam.
    Enjoy your coffee and I'm happy that you love your machine.
    Ditto from me also. We are all different with different needs and wants. That's what keeps things interesting. :-)


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    I need a photo of the machine...

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    Extremely happy with my machine. Even happier that it only cost 3K which is about half the cost of the other lever that I was considering.

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