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Thread: Karratha coffee lovers?

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    Karratha coffee lovers?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Having moved interstate i am wondering if theres any fellow pilbarian roasters out there?

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    Sorry mate by the sounds of it no. I lived there for a while but most were interested in a cold Masters Iced Coffee or a cold beer I had a laugh.

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    Are you referring to home or commercial roasters?

    There's at least a couple of home roasters there who travel to and from Perth on work related purposes.
    One of them I met while I knocked out coffees in a cafe.

    My mum from her experience says the coffee from Muffin Break there in Karratha was not too bad...

    There are some snobs out there away from significant populated areas who are or have to be self sufficient/reliant on roasting and making their own coffees due to the lack of cafes or even lack of shops.
    You'll be surprised to know a few of them own top of the range equipment which are reliable and can make great coffee similar to a good cafe, and they have the time on hand to find out how.

    I know of one who has a winery down south a fair distance from the nearest town who has a GS3, Mazzer Kony and a Hottop.

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