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Thread: Merry Christmas

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    Merry Christmas

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    A bit grinchy and I hope this doesn't come as an unwelcome surprise to some: The Physics of Santa and His Reindeer

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    Santa is obviously a Time Lord and delivers presents using his Tardis which he calls 'Rudolph' (must be red like a phone box not blue like a Police box)

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    You should research it a little further. Proof That Santa Could Exist? More Rebuttals (found the link from your link) has a very elegant rebuttal.

    Pity 'bout the logistics of keeping that lot & associated elves & reindeer fed for the rest of the year. Perhaps further thoughts via other inspired thinkers?

    Just shows how framing any question can give you any answer you want.

    Merry Xmas & NY to all (with or without Santa).

    PS: Please do not forget that Rudolph is a girl (or, if you prefer a closet lesbian). She has antlers.

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