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Thread: Killer roo's!

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    Killer roo's!

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    Have to feel sorry for this young lady, out for a jog and attacked by a couple of delinquent kangaroo, most unfortunate.
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    Reminds me of an incident at a school where the missus was working. Kids are on a bike ride for school and out of no where comes a kangaroo and kicks one of the kids off their bike. Ended up with a broken arm or leg, can't remember but hard to explain that one to a parent over the phone. The dangers of living in the country I guess.

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    where were the roos parents?

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    At the local University it's usual to see a family of Kangaroos grazing outside the entrance to the Administration Building. They are not a big variety, but I wouldn't like to upset them as they consider it their territory and are not at all intimidated by anyone.

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    I have heard stories from farmers of roos drowning dogs in dams too, so I was not surprised to hear this girl had got attacked.

    Friends who have brought up male roos have told me how much they would have to constantly enforce who was the dominant leader with them. Apparently, when the roos would lose the fight, they would race madly around the back yard, trying to get rid of all the pent up testosterone.

    I have only brought up female roo's and have never had a problem with them wanting to attack me. Though I have watched them try and stomp on my other animals in either dominance or defence! I wouldn't like to get in the middle of that!

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    I remember when I was a child, one of my mates holding up his fists in a boxing pose to a roo and having a bit of a laugh at the roo. The roo proceeded to kick him on his arse and stand over him with a look of 'do you want some more, punk?'
    Hilarious, but then the only damage was some bruising - more to my mates ego than his body.

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