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    Green Beans

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Scientists find way to create universal blood
    AM - Tuesday, 3 April , 2007 08:18:00
    Reporter: Sabra Lane
    TONY EASTLEY: Its one of medicines holy grails: manufacture one blood type that becomes a universal donor.

    European scientists say theyve discovered just that, and theyve created a technique to convert all donated blood into Group O, which can be safely given to anyone.

    Theyve just started clinical trails, as Sabra Lane reports.

    SABRA LANE: Its one of the first questions asked when people are admitted to hospital: whats your blood type?

    There are four blood groups: A, B, AB and O.

    The letters refer to antigens found in blood. Receive the wrong type in a transfusion and it could cause life-threatening complications.

    Now, theres a potential solution thanks to green coffee beans.

    In the 1980s a New York based research team found an enzyme from the beans could strip the A and B antigens from blood. But the technique was too inefficient. However, it prompted a European-based research team to look into it further.

    The team exhaustively analysed enzymes from 2500 fungi and found two new enzymes that could convert A, B and AB bloods into the so-called universal blood group O, which can be safely transfused into anyone.

    Professor Martin Olsen from Swedens Lund University is part of the team that made the discovery.

    MARTIN OLSEN: The dream scenario as I see it, is that all those blood units drawn from blood donors would be converted if theyre not Group O from the start so to speak. That is approximately half of all blood units.

    SABRA LANE: The findings have just been published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

    The teams now in the early stages of clinical trials to make sure the bloods 100 per cent safe.

    JOANNE PINK: Its very exciting research. I must say that research on this area has been happening for many years now, and it has been quite a challenging area.

    SABRA LANE: Dr Joanne Pink is a transfusion specialist and the Chief Medical Officer of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

    JOANNE PINK: From a patient safety perspective, providing Group O, particularly in emergency settings, avoids incorrect blood groups being transfused, because there is a risk if the incorrect blood group is transfused that the patient can have a major transfusion reaction, which can lead to death.

    So if, if we had a bank, which was all Group O that would avoid that risk.

    SABRA LANE: The researchers say their findings could bring an end to blood shortages, but Dr Pink says shes not so sure.

    JOANNE PINK: Im not sure that it would end blood shortages, because we still need to collect all of the red cells to meet demand, even if we were able to convert them through to all Group O.

    And there are other drivers for blood collections. We need to collect platelets. Also, we need to collect plasma to send to our fractionator to manufacture into plasma-derived products.

    So I dont think that this research will actually save or prevent blood shortages, but it certainly has the potential to improve the safety of the blood supply.

    SABRA LANE: But Dr Pink says it is major development.

    JOANNE PINK: So it is very exciting that theyve reported this and theyre actually entering clinical trials.

    First of all the clinical trials have got to show that the red cells are safe, so that there are no unexpected side effects from this technology. Also it would need to meet appropriate regulatory requirements.

    So I think itll be some time, even if the clinical trials are successful, for this technology to be available.

    TONY EASTLEY: The Australian Red Cross Blood Services Dr Joanne Pink ending that report by Sabra Lan

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    Re: Green Beans

    Next coffee is going to cure cancer, i mean what cant coffee do?

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    Re: Green Beans

    can it cure my addiction to coffee?

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