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Thread: List out the cafes in your area

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    List out the cafes in your area

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi, I have seen and read many threads here. Interesting, humorous and of course informative. But there's no thread (or did I miss one) on the Cafes you like to visit. So, here is one - List out the cafes you like /dislike and a simple reason along with it. My takes among international brands are -

    Gloria Jean's Cafe

    and among the local ones there are -

    Cafe Terra
    Mustard Cafe

    Let's see what's your takes are. Ohh, yes I know I have not posted the descriptions or my reasons for each of them. But to simply put, I like these because of their quality, pricing and service together.

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    You're right evelynr, there isn't a single thread about cafes that people like. There's an entire section devoted to it:

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