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Thread: Have you ever been surprised by a "good" coffee?

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    Have you ever been surprised by a "good" coffee?

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    I had a meeting after my day at work today and it wasnt worth going home only to go back again so I grabbed some dinner out. To my surprise the fish shop I got my meal from had a shiny new machine and signs of the roaster who supplied their beans. I recognised them as a fresh roaster as I have bought their beans before for home use in my combo, and liked them. So I checked the grinder and saw it was empty so asked for a coffee. Just a takeaway flat white. Who really wants to enjoy a coffee at a fish shop? The cook/barista did a reasonable job and got me thinking.... How often we can miss the good coffee because of the unlikely place you may find it.

    It seems early days and I am sure as these people get more confident some great coffee will happen and not much around the area comes close so nothing to lose really. I would grab a takeaway again for sure. When I normally grab a coffee out I like to relax and enjoy the experience of the cafe as well so takeaway is not my preferred option. But on Mondays I often go without coffee so is good to know a place handy to work to get an enjoyable cup.

    So anyone else been surprised by a good coffee at an unlikely place?

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    Re: Have you ever been surprised by a "good" coffe

    I think that anywhere in the country that has good coffee is a bit of a surprise! Though these days it is becoming easier to find good coffee in unlikely towns. Take mine for instance! :D

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    Re: Have you ever been surprised by a "good" coffe

    Not to date I havent... :(

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    Re: Have you ever been surprised by a "good" coffe

    speaking of fish shops there is one not 100m from me with a nice shiny 2 group monster (sorry not enough snob yet to identify by sight) that I always wonder about, it never seems to be on, I can never see any grinder near it and said shop owner doesnt supply lemon with your fish and chips for love or money as a box is too dear so I think I will keep steering clear of it :)

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    Re: Have you ever been surprised by a "good" coffe

    There "used" to be a great little Italian Takeaway here in Warwick where one could get a very good cuppa, not quite up to my standard but close ;). The funny thing was though, it was the youngest PBTC who really new her stuff when it came to coffee and she was the one I waited for to serve me. Alas, the business is no more, like a lot of small takeaways here in Warwick, they dont seem to survive for very long.... I guess the turnover is just too low and there are too many competing for the few dollars on offer.

    Just in case they kick off again though or the young lady is employed by another, Im keeping an eye out for when Im in town and hankering for a good brew,


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    Re: Have you ever been surprised by a "good" coffe

    Well Ive been looking for a good coffee in Nth Sydney for the last two weeks and finally found one yesterday.

    Sat down to give them the full audit.

    Freepour heart on my flat white.

    Bottle of cold water and a glass came with it.

    Best coffee so far in Nth Syd (tho no competition really).
    Nice taste. Reasonable mouthfeel.
    Well textured milk. Not too hot.

    I went back again today and tried a takeaway.

    Got back to my desk and took the lid off.
    I dont like sucking through the hole in the lid.

    Found another freepour heart.

    Either hes interested in me or is as passionate about his coffee as he seemed to be when I spoke to him last week, when I found the place, and said Id be back to try the coffee.

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