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Thread: Buying Roasted Beans..Forum Topic

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    Buying Roasted Beans..Forum Topic

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    Is there a Forum here which talks about buying ready roasted beans.... Im not ready for a roaster just yet and Im sure a coffee tree forum will come as you will have to plant the seed to get the ideal ultimate super dooper best coffee.... but now Ive got a machine where can we talk about different roasted beans and buying roasted beans etc., I see heaps of variety on ebay but how do I know what is good, what isnt and what quantity to buy since they peak at about a week.... sometimes too much information is not a good thing. :-[

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    Re: Buying Roasted Beans..Forum Topic

    There has been discussion over time about the purchasing of roasted beans and from where here but nothing specific about what is best.

    However, if you look up in the cupping room, where people have posted their comments about various green varieties which they have roasted themselves, you might get some ideas as to what to try. Most of the members here are really good at describing their roasts.

    Most commercial roasters like Veneziano and Cosmorex Coffee will do Single Origins as well as blends. Youd have to have a good look at their websites to see what they are roasting or even better give them a ring.

    Ultimately its kind of like wine tasting, you need to get out there and try different varieties and roasts to determine what your palate likes and dislikes. Of course visiting reputable roasters who are passionate about their coffee will, like a good vineyard, show you their best product and help you on the path of finding what is great to drink!

    But, Id be having a good read of the cupping room, Adam.

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    Re: Buying Roasted Beans..Forum Topic

    Rather than buying roasted beans from some unknown source off of evilbay might I suggest you visit some local roasters or aquire some roasted beans from our sponsors. Alternatively you can get some roasted beans from CS when they become available here shortly. :)

    Java "Refuses to buy beans from evilbay" phile

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    Re: Buying Roasted Beans..Forum Topic

    I can vouch for the exotica blend from coffeehit, best I have had in my short time experiencing fresh coffee, I wish they were closer as Im not orginised enough to keep supply ahead of demand :)

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    Re: Buying Roasted Beans..Forum Topic

    where abouts do you live?

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