"WITHOUT ESPRESSO TECHS.THIS COUNTRY STOPS"A big HELLO to all other,, Espresso Techs, Employers etc...
I am trying to get some idea of the going rate for an experienced Espresso tech. Assuming they have experience of at least a few years on Commercial machines.
Some tech will be either. A or B class Electricians, Restricted Electricians or Electronics Technicians, Maybe even just trained in this field with no formal qualifications... As i am to believe most of the commercial machines are plug in and not hard wired..
From asking around i can assume any tech employed by a Coffee company will recieve.
1. A Van and tools to suit the job.
2, A Phone.
3. A Uniform including, Boots.
4. Base sallary of around $55k
I presume some remuneration for Overtime. ie, after hour call outs Weekends and public holidays.. This will ussualy include an Allowance for being on call over weekends??
Please help me to get some idea about what is being paid out there.