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Thread: finally I can taste again!!!

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    finally I can taste again!!!

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    2 weeks of the flu and I can finally taste coffee again and Silvias back in action, oh how I have missed her, and look what she rewarded me with this morning and I wasnt even trying!
    it was more that I was cold and shaking before I remembered to light the heating!
    Now where was all that green coffee I roasted muahahaha
    Kinda looks a bit like Juan the coffee tree I got the other day, she mustve been talking to him as hes sitting on the kitchen bench in a new pot whilst its cold outside. Dont want him catching the flu!

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    Re: finally I can taste again!!!

    Sullo - having just read your post Im sure youre still sick...btw, interesting fern art ;)

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    Re: finally I can taste again!!!

    oh you mean mentally? Im told if I take the green pills in the morning the pink ones at lunch and the white ones at night Ill be just fine...

    Or was it pink in the morning and green at night????

    I was that excited I even showed the dog, but he didnt really show that much interest, must of been his way of telling me to keep at it....

    oh well I was excited for a short while.....

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