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Thread: Move over quinoa, make way for Sorghum

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    Move over quinoa, make way for Sorghum

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    Quinoa is dead, "Introducing sorghum – the new ancient wonder grain reaching global superfood status."

    What a load of crap, first thing comes to mind is there was a bumper Sorghum season, growers and marketers are desperate to move the stuff, me a cynic? you bet.

    Ha, a quick search found this

    "Growers are being drawn away from sorghum and towards cotton with strong prices for the latter and good sub-soil moisture, along with six-year highs in winter crops harvested, contributing to the change.

    AWB portfolio manager Charlie Brown believes that a distinct lack of demand has also contributed to the reduction in sorghum crops."

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    According to wikipedia, sorghum nutrient content is similar to raw oats so not a superfood.
    The whole paleo thing is a bit suss. Sure, stone age people possibly ate more wholesome food but the life expectancy back then was only 30 years.
    You can brew alcohol from it apparently

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    Just eat the box in comes in paper is natural fibre

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    Also, quoting Wikipedia:

    "Some species of sorghum can contain levels of hydrogen cyanide, hordenine, and nitrates lethal to grazing animals in the early stages of the plants' growth. When stressed by drought or heat, plants can also contain toxic levels of cyanide and/or nitrates at later stages in growth"

    Not sure I'd be willing to take the risk, regardless of the benefits

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