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Thread: Why do they say coffee makes you "do a number 2"?

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    Why do they say coffee makes you "do a number 2"?

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    Sorry about how I worded the question. I don't know if being more direct would've been acceptable here.

    As for the question itself, I just don't get the connection. I don't see how coffee would make me want to do that. Fibre makes me what to do that, not coffee. So why do people say that?

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    A quick Google turned up this article, which I think I've read before.
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    As a person who has always been interested in how the human body functions, it is interesting to note the many and varied claims that arise from time to time - you know: "sugar is bad", "fat is bad", "salt is bad", "carbs are bad", etc. I can't say that I can relate to either the 'Coffee as a diuretic OR Coffee as a bowel stimulant'.
    I always drink a lot of water with my coffee simply because the Caffeine 'gees me up' and I find a lot of water tends to 'flush' it out of the system. Maybe it's all in my mind.
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    Coffee is high in soluble fibre from memory.
    It is a diuretic but the amount of liquid in it replaces what you lose. Caffeine relaxes your bladder spincter which makes you want to go wees.
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