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Thread: I think I bought a bad batch of Coles Long Grain Brown Rice.

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    I think I bought a bad batch of Coles Long Grain Brown Rice.

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    This Coles brand of brown rice is normally OK. But in the last bag I opened I noticed some grains won't soften properly when I boil the rice. I've had to chuck the rice out.

    I've got this second bag of Coles brand brown rice. I'm going to return it.

    Has anybody else noticed this problem? Should I just "give up" and buy a brand name brown rice?

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    Rice is typically in its prime within the first year of harvesting. Older, aging rice will require more water than young rice as it becomes stale and loses the ability to absorb water. Best to buy rice at your local asian grocery and always ask if it is "new" rice. Typically the Asian grocers will sell the older rice slightly cheaper and the newer rice will command a higher price.
    Just like coffee...avoid the coles/foodland etc as you don't know when it was packaged. Branding has nothing to do with it.

    Hope that helps.
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    Soaking for an hour works for me.

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