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Thread: Gluten free diets, interesting numberts.

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    Gluten free diets, interesting numberts.

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    For non-coeliacs, a gluten-free diet is a waste of time and money

    "Coeliac disease, an allergy to gluten that causes damage to the intestine, affects one per cent of Australians.

    But more than ten times this number, or around 11 per cent of the population, follows a gluten-free diet by choice"
    For non-coeliacs, a gluten-free diet is a waste of time

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    That’s a very pro wheat story, a bit too much maybe.

    Anyway some people with an imbalance in their gut microbiome like in auto immune diseases (like my wife) need to avoid gluten, it’s not just people that have coeliac disease.

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    Have to agree with you Yelta - yet another fad in the scheme of dieting world. As Dazzy suggested, there are some people who aren't ceoliac but have an intolerance or other condition preventing them from eating gluten (my sister has a intolerance to a wheat protein so can have other forms of gluten that coeliac's cant like barley). But these are an overwhelming minority of the 11% who eat gluten free, particularly those who substitute gluten foods like bread, pasta, noodles etc for gluten free options simply because they can. It's just money down the drain.

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    Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity is recognised but sometimes it isn't gluten that is causing the problem; it may be other ingredients or additives. I used to suffer from bowel discomfort until I started buying better quality bread.

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    A comedian in the states said that people are more afraid of Gluten then Smallpox, not sure how this craze caught on but it is kind of silly.

    The good news is the single best way to improve your diet is to dramatically reduce the intake of refined carbohydrate.

    The bad news is what you currently believe to be true is more then likely not, be prepared for big changes in the next few years. Refined carbs being one, cholesterol science being another, and like I said in another thread, salt.
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    bread bloats me. a big reason why i stopped eating it. but i have a bag of gluten flour in the pantry that i sometimes use to fortify the 'dough' in flourless recipes. i have no issues with gluten itself.

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