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Thread: What's the difference in running costs, Corolla sedan CVT vs Camry automatic?

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    What's the difference in running costs, Corolla sedan CVT vs Camry automatic?

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    Is there a big difference in things like insurance and petrol usage and other stuff? I'm with RACV car insurance.

    I've gone off the idea of buying a hybrid because of things like the cost of a replacement hybrid battery. Although if people want to prove me wrong I'll listen. I currently do about 16,000 kilometres per year.

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    Pamount, NRMA in NSW offer comprehensive running cost comparisons between models, maybe RACV offer the same? Or try the NRMA website. While it probably wont reflect your usage (though your kms seem average) it will give you a basis for comparison.
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    Hi Pamount,

    There's a difference in the size of car you are talking about there...

    I'll tell you that I love the look of the new Camry and a hybrid Camry is the one I'd go for if I had the choice....

    Corollas have hybrids and Camrys have hybrids... The first thing you should do is compare apples with apples IMO...This is what I would do...

    1. I would make my mind up if I wanted the smaller Corolla or the larger Camry....
    2. Decide if I want a hybrid or not, Is it worth the higher initial cost to you? The higher octane unleaded petrol they say you have to use on a hybrid is a small extra cost you should think about IMO...Not sure about the new Toyotas but wouldn't think it has changed...
    2a. I'd go to a Toyota dealer and explain to them my needs and wants... Don't be fooled by the fuel ratings on the sticker...I'd ask what the average run of the mill fuel consumption around town...Remember you will get the best fuel consumption with a hybrid around town because you are using regenerative braking more often. If you are not to heavy on the foot taking off and you can cruise to a stop lightly braking you will get the best results...

    3. Ask what type of unleaded you can use.

    I have a hybrid and just love it...I drive mainly around town and I use the top end premium unleaded in it (Only have 2 choices really, standard unleaded is not allowed)...If given the choice again I would get a hybrid hands down...

    You may have to replace the battery after 7, 10, 15 years and it may cost you a few thousand...But remember Toyota have the reliable Lexus heritage with hybrids so you will not go wrong IMO.

    4. Test drive the whole lot, normal Corolla, Hybrid Corolla, Normal Camry, Hybrid Camry...

    Check out what options come with the hybrids, I know when the Corolla Hybrid first came out you were a little limited in what options you could have..Looking at the new Hybrid Camry there doesn't seem a need for many other options..The Corollas may have changed, I haven't looked at them recently..I did look briefly at the new hybrid Camry last weekend actually...

    5. Ask how much the services cost with all the cars individually because this to will come into running costs... I suggest the hybrids may require a bit of extra time checking a few extra things out but I would be asking the question anyway not only of a small service but right across the whole spectrum...I know with my car the servicing is expensive but they will always be happy to quote what each individual service will cost...

    One of the things I enjoy is the quietness of the car when it's running on battery...

    I will say, I have a technical mind when it comes to cars so a lot of these things I would be asking anyway...

    CVT vs Normal automatic.

    Both models have CVT available, my car has CVT and I like it a lot you just hop in and it takes off no gear changes unless you slip it over to manual mode, again If I did it again personally I'd go for the CVT. Can't tell you what the experts say so if you are concerned it my pay to look at that...

    In summary, I wouldn't be to worried about the reliability of the batteries they seem like they will be fine, I would say when they do need replacing they won't be cheap...Talk to your dealer as they are the people who know the most about the cars you are buying.

    The above may seem like a little involved but when you are talking tens of thousands of dollars of your money I can't see any reason why not to get involved.

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