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Thread: I've read combo clothes washer dryers aren't that great. But I don't have much space.

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    I've read combo clothes washer dryers aren't that great. But I don't have much space.

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    My washing machine is in my "European Laundry" (i.e. behind "cupboard doors", with a laundry basin on a cabinet). The clothes dryer I have is one I inherited and it looks like it's over 20 years old plus it's in the garage, which isn't good as I've since noticed water seeping in under the garage door when it rains heavily (so I'm not turning that sucker on at the power point).

    I did think of buying a washer dryer combo and just having that in my European Laundry, but I came across this Choice article

    The article seems to say these combos aren't that great in terms of being expensive, more complicated (i.e. more prone to breaking down) plus if either the dryer or the washer breaks down you have to fix the whole unit.

    My friend says I should buy a new clothes dryer and see about mounting on the wall above my washing machine. But it seems like it would be a really tight fit, with my current top loading washing machine. I suppose I could just trade in the washing machine and also buy a smaller front loading washing machine, to make it easier for both that and the dryer to fit (I was given the washing machine for free, so it's not like I'd be losing money on a trade in). Plus that way, if one of them fails I'd only have to get that fixed instead of being without both as in the combo thang.

    Or do people think I should look at the combo washer dryers? I'm in no hurry, I've been getting by with using my heater to dry my laundry when it rains.


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    Hi pamount,

    I went through a similar decision process about 2 1/2 - 3 years ago when I was living in a very nice apartment at Glenelg...We just did not have room for a dryer, unless I bought a front load washing machine, dryer and a stacker unit so the dryer could sit on top of the washing machine...I also considered a combo washing machine and dryer but decided not to buy one because they were expensive and having to halve the washing amount to dry seemed counter intuitive to me. In the end I just got a top load washing machine and a clothes horse...When I washed the sheets I hung them over the doors to dry and used the clothes horse in front of my front sliding door to dry my clothes.

    Even now, 3 years on, in a different house where I have room for a dryer I don't own one...I just use the clothes line outside when it's dry and the trusty clothes horse inside for when it's wet. Any shirts or womens clothing that can be hung on clothes hangers I hang them on the hangers, then put the hangers on the handles of cupboards around the place out of the way to dry. This saves space on the horse. I do have a front load washing machine now because the bench goes over the top of the washing machine.

    Just thinking out of the box a bit...Rather than get some new equipment, can you spend the same money on your garage to make it so water doesn't come in?

    I must admit I wouldn't mind a dryer to use in the winter time but, I'm quite happy not having one...

    Hope this helps...


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    I have a lg wd combo. It was a cheapy and needed bearings, so i grabbed it and fitted the bearings.
    All the powder residue was jammed in the spider that holds the bowl and caked like concrete. So i suggest using liquid only, or dissolving the powder. Also powder thrown into the bottom of the machine is a no no.
    The dryer part of mine was a bit blocked with lint, and it had wet lint nearer the bottom.
    It is a condensing dryer so the dryer puts out warm water, not hot air.
    Also as above, need to halve the load to dry it. Its a good washing machine, but i chinese laundry rather than use the dryer.

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