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Thread: Ceylon tea fsctory

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    Ceylon tea fsctory

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    For the Ceylon tea drinkers out there , I have just visited the Ceylon factory in Sri Lanka outside of Kandy . Tasted there bop and green tea brews and tasted alright . Iím definitely a coffee drinker so s big wasted on me the tea but a nicely run factory which has nothing but women working both the factory floor and the sales desk which was nice to see . Hard workers that is for sure , the old machinery from over 100 years ago still doing the job is pretty cool to see also . Also did s 2 day hike through the high country of their tea plantation which was a great hike . Iím sure the tea drinkers will appreciate the Ceylon brand but it was definitely the nicest of my Sri Lanka journey to date .
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    Sounds interesting NJD. I don't mind a cup of tea (not passionate about it like my coffee however) and we always have several different varieties of quality tea on hand (albeit in tea-bag form)
    Dilmah is usually my go-to maker when I feel like a cup of tea.
    I think it is fascinating to see how different products are produced/manufactured and I am always up for a tour of a factory.
    I wonder whether all the main producers utilise machinery and methods that have been around for a long time.
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    I love Sri Lanka! One of my favourite places on Earth to be honest. I just enjoy nature, local people, amazing spicy food and wild beaches there. At some point was even thinking of buying apartment in Sri Lanka as it costs much cheaper than in my homeland. I loved their tea, went twice on excursion to rea factories with tasting of 20 types of tea at the same time. Some are really good!

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    Good timing, this! Over the past few days, I've started thinking about visiting Sri Lanka in the next couple of months. Not sure if I should join an organised tour or just do my own thing. Organised tours are not really my thing, so I'm leaning towards travelling around by bus or train.

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