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Thread: White King bleach vs Store Brand Bleach. Is there a difference?

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    White King bleach vs Store Brand Bleach. Is there a difference?

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    Iíve just been buying the Woolworths brand of bleach. It seems to do the job.

    But is it worth it to spend the extra money on White King bleach? I read somewhere itís stronger, with extra ingredients.

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    How much blood evidence do you have to get rid of? What is the likelihood of the Police hitting the area with luminol?

    If you need a lot of bleach there is usually a reasonable premium over a house brand, house brands used to be cheaper than even buying in bulk from a hardware store. The premium for White King used to be substantial, almost three times the price of a home brand and I didn't notice the difference. You also have to factor in walking around with a trolley full of an item which looks like it was named for white supremacists
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    All the information you need is printed on the packet; just look at the available chlorine level.

    Unless you are using the stuff at full strength you should be able to adjust your dilution to suit.

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