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Thread: Setting up company

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    Setting up company

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    Hi all, Iím looking at doing some contract work and considering setting up a company. I know of a couple of people who paid someone to set theirs up which ended up costing approx $2k. Has anyone had any experience using a low cost online service to do this? There seem to be a few Australian sites that offer to do this for around $600.

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    2k seems high. $1200 should be able to do it. I suggest shop around.

    If you donít know the extra money is well spent.
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    I set up my company myself. ASIC are quite helpful
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyrebird View Post
    I set up my company myself. ASIC are quite helpful
    Yes, follow ASIC instructions and advice carefully, apart from the cost of registration you will save yourself the costs these sites charge for doing what you can reasonably do yourself.
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    Above advice is good Fg.
    I did some consulting a few years ago and it was not particularly difficult to set it up myself.
    So much information available on the net these days.
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