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Thread: Old Friends

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    Old Friends

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    I attended a lunch today with some of my old workmates, they have all been retired for a number of years and we occasionally catch up with each other.
    One person at the lunch was here from England on a holiday, he worked with us almost 40 years ago and was keen to see the group, it was great to catch up with him again and find out what he done over the past 40 years.
    After a couple of beers the old stories started to come out and everyone had a great time reminiscing the past.
    Even though I hadnt seen some of them for years it was just like yesterday...................It is so important to keep in touch with friends and family.
    Just thought I would share this with CSers................................

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    Re: Old Friends

    Had my 30 year high school reunion the other week.
    Just going over some photos tonight posted by one of the girls.
    It is good to catch up, even if only every 5 years like we do.

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    Re: Old Friends

    I just seen the brother of an old friend that I havent seen for at least 6-7 years so ive got his number and will call him this weekend and hopefully catch -up.

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    Re: Old Friends

    Our school reunion is coming up soon.

    I am not going, like I said to my best friend

    "why should I spend a couple of hundred dollars on airfares, tickets for the reunion etc to spend time with people I didnt like spending time with at school, let alone twenty odd years later when we have nothing in common"

    I keep in regular contact with my friends from over the years tht I have wanted to and that is fine with me.

    Keep in mind that I was the odd kid who everyone picked on and they made my life hell all my school life.

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