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Thread: Captain James Cook

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    Captain James Cook

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    Has anybody else been watching this documentary series on ABC?

    This has to be one of the most outstanding docos I have seen in a long time. Captain Cook is also one of the most amazing people from history...

    I have never really had a personal hero, just people I have admired and respected. From what this documentary has shown, Captain Cook was a man so far ahead of his time.

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    Re: Captain James Cook

    It certainly has been an eye-opener for me.

    Until this series, most of what I knew of Captain Cook was through what I learnt as a Grade 5 student, which was the same year as the bi-centenary of his arrival here.

    Well done, ABC!

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    Re: Captain James Cook

    Great series, a real eye opener. Ive really been enjoying Sunday on Aunty-- Captain Cook and then good Aussie drama in Rain Shadow, there should be more of it!!!

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