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Thread: funny photos

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    funny photos

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just moved to hervey bay qld,i am a plumber and saw this gas bottle sitting on a beer keg not to regulation standards.
    i had a chuckle at what i saw, thought this would be fun to have a post like this .

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    Re: funny photos


    You must love it up here.

    The climate alone is reason to make the move dont you reckon?


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    Re: funny photos

    Gotta love those DIY jobs. (Not so funny when this like this go wrong though). You should see some of the make shift ideas they get up to in some of the asian countries. It makes you shudder.

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    Re: funny photos

    Top place youve moved to Poddy! The Mrs and I seriously considered packing our bags for good after a holiday there. ;)

    O/T - if youre looking for good coffee I can recommend a place called --- in Torquay/Scarness.

    Hope its ok to post the name since they dont retail equipment (actually more a restaurant/bar than cafe) and I dont think there are any sponsors in Hervey Bay...

    If you do go in, tell Paul that Matt and Mel from Tassie say hi! :)

    Edit - PM me if youd like to know the place - from another thread I may be breaking site rules to post the name here! :-X

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