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Thread: Daintree and Cape Tribulation holiday

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    Daintree and Cape Tribulation holiday

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    Were back from a weeks holiday in the Daintree. Well, half way between the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. Our holiday started with torrential rain for two days and I began to wonder what we would be able to do and see in this fairly remote part of our world, or moreso how we would occupy ourselves for seven days and not get bored. It turned out to be the best holiday we could have imagined - every day filled with new sights and adventures...listening to the hard rain at night time; trying exotic fruits; swimming with turtles in a creek surrounded by rainforest; snorkeling on the great barrier reef in the coral sea; having breakfast with the smallest of our kanagaroo species - a pair of musky rat kangaroos; walking through the rainforest, and seeing a cassowary in the forest that decided hed chase me just for fun.

    If you have the opportunity to go - do so. It is an incredibly beautiful place!

    Swimming with the turtles:

    In the Creek:

    Magic forest:

    One half of our brekkie partners:

    Spot the Cassowary:

    Running away from Big Bird:

    On the way back to Cairns:

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    Re: Daintree and Cape Tribulation holiday

    Hi Dennis, we visited Cape Trib and Daintree three years ago and I still look at my video slide shows that I made of it.
    I may be going up to Cairns later this year and plan to check of Mareeba and the coffee plantations etc, last time we visited Coffee Works in Mareeba and sampled their local coffee, loved the Atherton area, Port Douglas as well. We havent seen between Cairns and Brisbane so may fly to either and hire a car and check out the coast and attractions along the way (and coffee outlets of course!!!) and then fly home from the other end.
    Nice photos, brings back lovely memories!!

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    Re: Daintree and Cape Tribulation holiday

    Totally agree!

    Visited Daintree for the first time 10 years ago and loved it ever since!

    Weve actually moved up here now (Townsville) so I hope to be going there again sometime soon!


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