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Thread: New Snob on the cards

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    New Snob on the cards

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My niece and her husband and kids are visiting from Canberra for a couple of weeks. He is a coffee lover and uses a Breville machine but not grinder and uses packaged beans.
    I invited them over for a coffee and a roasting demonstation, he swooned over the Yemen doppio ristretto latte I made him and then watching the beans transform from little green seeds into swollen sweet smelling brown treasures his eyes lit up. He asked if there were any other ways of roasting and I told him about poppers so I have a sneaking feeling that there may be some roasting going on in Canberra when he gets home and a decent grinder on the birthday list as well!!!!!!!!!!! And perhaps a new CS tragic in the making?? :) ::) ;) :D ;D

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    Re: New Snob on the cards

    Sounds like you just emptied the poor blokes wallet Greenman!

    Serving the Yemen was not playing fair.


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    Re: New Snob on the cards

    Yes it was!!!

    Nice work, Greenman. ;D

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    Re: New Snob on the cards

    thank god for evangelists - hallelujah brothers and sisters!

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