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Thread: A general note of thanks

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    A general note of thanks

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    As some of you are aware I have just bought a Botticelli from another CSr through here.

    What you may not know is how some great people here helped with it.

    I was interested when it 1st came up but it was way above my price range (Our family has been saving for a while and I have substituted Fathers day, Christmas, Birthday etc in lieu of an upgrade)
    I did some research into the Bott and PMd a few people on this site to ask their opinions about the machine and how it stacks up against others in the same sort of range.

    Cut to the chase and even when the price came down to $550, it was right at the top of my price range at the moment as far as savings was concerned.

    Enter a PM from a fellow CSr - one whom I have not had much contact with previously, and had never actually met face to face. They offered to pay for the postage of the machine from Melbourne to Sydney to make sure that I was able to secure the sale before others could bid on the Bott :o :o

    This lovely gesture on the part of someone who I hardly knew, and only knew through this site, has enabled me to buy the machine and it is currently Aussie posting its way to Sydney!!!!

    To say I was gobsmacked by this generosity is an understatment. I think it shows a side of our lives which is to be commended. So often in life we can get down about mundane things, and when something like this happens it is sort of like an awakening.
    What may be a simple gesture from one person can mean so much more to others. Just talking about this with my family and work friends has really been cool. They are all saying, wow isnt that great, what a generous thing to have done. It gets people thinking more outwardly and what they can do to help others.

    To top it off, when the seller found out that the reason I was able to pay what he had asked for the machine instead of negotiating even further, he offered to pay for half the postage because of the generosity of this other CSr :) :)

    So by this weekend, I will hopefully be able to start down the road to my first god shot all because of others unrequested and unexpected generosity towards someone that they basically do not know :) :)

    To say I am feeling all warm and fuzzy is an understatement.


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    Re: A general note of thanks

    To the seller and the mysterious benefactor, I say well done!

    Im sure it wasnt why you did it, but I hope you are both feeling warm and fuzzy too.

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    Re: A general note of thanks

    Its great to hear a story like that, it boosts ones faith in humankind in such a materialistic world!!!
    Enjoy that first magic shot Shannon..........................

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    Re: A general note of thanks

    Nice story and a great gesture from my favourite little corner of the Internet.

    Life is good.


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    Re: A general note of thanks


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    Re: A general note of thanks

    Oh, thats given me the warm and fuzzies too!

    Good on you CSrs! [smiley=engel017.gif]

    And that really is lovely, Shannon. It has seriously happened to a very nice bloke and family. [smiley=thumbup.gif]

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    Re: A general note of thanks

    I believe its really important that members know what this site actually sets out to do. The passion not just pass down information, also the willingness to help those in need! Good on ya!

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