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Thread: Motorcycle fans & folks wondering where Id got to

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    Motorcycle fans & folks wondering where Id got to

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    ...Ive been off with the National Ducati Rally in Bathurst!

    It was an awesome weekend, Im still buzzing from it. I had to really drag myself away from Mt Panorama and from going round and round and round it! (yes, even at 60km/hr its still a lot of fun!)

    I won a trophy for 2nd best Ducati in the 90s decade! :D

    Met some great people, took on board some terrific advice, got to cruise some wonderful roads and even got complimented on my riding style!

    Took some pictures of the bikes for the bike fans...

    I dont know what the DOCNSW Latte Committee does! Honest!

    My bike contemplating the ride down over Skyline and into the Esses...(I reckon I need about a million more laps before Ill ever get down them perfect!)

    The line up of some of the bikes at the concourse.

    There were ninety people there and about 70 odd bikes, as there were a few people who were two up and some came in cars as support.

    I believe that some coffee was consumed. Not all of it was bad... ;)

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    Re: Motorcycle fans & folks wondering where Id go


    Duke lovers heaven Scoots. Can even see a couple in the last photos line-up that resemble Dukes I used to own. Congrats on the trophy too, well done! 8-)


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    Re: Motorcycle fans & folks wondering where Id go

    A great way to blow a weekend Scoot.
    I love the "Latte Committee" sticker, very honest.

    Looks like the weather was even kind to you too!

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    Re: Motorcycle fans & folks wondering where Id go

    I do loke the sound of a Duke.
    My Triumph doesnt get used much any more... Thinking about selling it...
    I bought a Yamaha R1.
    Having a lot of fun on that, been to 2 track ride days so far, hopefully many more to do.
    I cant help but think that 60k/hr on Panorama is.. well.. sad - in an upsetting way, like a missed opportunity. But rules must be obeyed if one respects the hip pocket I suppose.
    I rode 600 km in total on Sunday getting to and back from the ride day, plus 160km at full pace on the track. Didnt see any police. Gotta love Tassie!

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