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Thread: Alien experience!!

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    Alien experience!!

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    I had to go for an MRI scan last night to check out the damage on my shoulder muscles.
    This was the most out of the world experience I have even been through.
    Laying on a flatbed with a panic button to press and headphones on I was conveyed into a cylinder with very little breathing space.
    The alien noises then started bombarding my senses and having to lie there totally still my shoulder started to throb and my breathing increased, this went on for almost 20 minutes until finally I was released from my intergalactic chamber into the real world again $550 lighter and a little shaken.
    PS: the medicare rebate for an MRI is $100 less now than it was 10 years ago!!!figure that one out.....................

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    Re: Alien experience!!

    $550 for any scan is not cheap, but it is significantly cheaper than the $800 or so the procedure used to cost.

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