For those that have "given me a dose" in the last week for not responding to your queries in an instant, please understand that a week ago mum passed away (after a week in hospital) and I have really been under the pump this fortnight to ensure that “the show goes on”.

Organising the funeral service and the wake as well as dealing with the associated emotions and family mess that goes with it has been very tough. Every other spare minute was spent getting the BeanBay green beans packed and freighted around the country and getting every roasted order out on schedule (or faster). That has left very little time for sleep or replies to every email and PM queries (although I have tried hard to reply to everything within a day).

Coffee is huge part of my life and I promote, support and live the bean as much as I can but please understand that sometimes other components of my life might get priority, albeit briefly.

Enjoy your coffee CS’rs but some of you do need to try decaf and mellow that temper a little.