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Thread: WTB Rules

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    WTB Rules

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I have a question regarding your rules

    Im a member of many online forums, dont really have a huge interest in coffee, i just want to buy a good machine to be able to drink good coffee, without breaking the bank.

    I have never seen this before any ANY forum rules that you have to post a WTB price

    Why do you have to say how much you want to spend? I have decided what machine i want to buy and know how much it costs new, therefore i know a ball park price range of the machine.

    If someone wants to sell then they can contact me and we can negotiate on the price.

    Can someone please explain why this rule is in place?

    EDIT: This forum doesnt work properly on Firefox, I always have to scroll down the page to get to the first topics

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    Re: WTB Rules

    Hi Joe,

    Unlike many other forums where there are encyclopaedic lists of rules, CS has only a few simple rules which we ask that members observe.

    WTB posts require a price as this is not a reverse auction site.

    As Mal suggested in your post which was edited, if you are prepared to spend a few short minutes browsing through the WTB pages, youll get a good idea of whats a fair 2nd hand price for the machine you were interested in. You can then post and if your prepared to pay price is fair and if there is a member wanting to sell your required machinery, you can negotiate final price from there...

    Bottom line is that it will save all parties from entering into a fruitless negotiation with unrealistic expectations on price. Hopefully thats not too onerous? *:-?



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    Re: WTB Rules

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs ajoesmith.

    If you dont have a "huge interest in coffee" then I wonder why you came here. *We never planned to be a place that people come to snare some cheap machinery, ebay caters for that market pretty well.

    CoffeeSnobs exists for the members that are passionate about producing the best coffee they can. *We do that by improving our coffee making processes from end to end. *Some *roast their own coffee, some share tips and tricks that they have discovered along the way, others query how to pour the ideal shot or heat the milk without burning it. *Some are artists in a cup and others just enjoy learning along the way. *

    The one thing we all have in common is a love for coffee and a willingness to share what we have learnt in the journey to coffee nirvana.

    Why do you have to say how much you want to spend? *
    The short answer is "because we do!". *

    The longer answer is trickier. *We dont have many rules around here but the few we do have exist mostly through a developed need. *The forum has just turned 4 years old and with nearly 5000 members and 100,000 posts we have learnt a few things along the way.

    Wanted posts
    * Are only for second hand goods that members might have, not new items.
    * Clearly mark the subject line with WTB or WANTED *
    * These will be deleted when they are a week old.
    * Include the price range you are willing to pay
    ( from: )

    1. Are only for second hand goods that members might have, not new items

    We have site-sponsors that support the site and our membership. *We encourage everyone to contact them for a quote on what you need if you are buying new items. *You certainly dont have to buy from a sponsor but they are all reputable businesses that provide great products, have real warrantees and will support you with your purchases (unlike a lot of anonymous internet resellers on auction sites and the like).

    So if you are buying a new item, read CoffeeSnob members posts and reviews, shop around, compare the prices, warrantees, service and *training offerings and then make a decision to purchase. *

    If you are wanting a second-hand, pre-loved item then buying something from a CS member that is about to upgrade is often a great option.

    2. Clearly mark the subject line with WTB or WANTED

    Pretty straight forward. *Marking the subject line saves buyers from reading your post.

    3. These will be deleted when they are a week old.

    A dozen posts of "I want a La Marzocco GS3 for $1500" become annoying after a short amount of time. *If you havnt sourced your item in a week then you can assume that no CSr has one for sale or your offer price is unrealistic.

    4. Include the price range you are willing to pay

    A post of:
    WTB: La Marzocco GS3 $3500-$4000
    Saves the CSrs who might sell their one for $12,000 from replying to your post as its clearly a waste of everyones time.

    If you have done your research (heck, even a quick Google search is a start) then you have a price in mind that is fair to both you and realistic to the seller.

    Once again, the CS for sale section is not an auction site, its an area for members to move coffee hardware items around as they upgrade to something else. *Often items are sold at under fair market value, sold cheaply and sometimes given away to fellow members that will use and enjoy the items and then one day pass it onto another new member. *

    I hope that answers your query,


    (errr... *most people just call me Andy around ere ajoesmith)


    (edit: oops, I type slower than Chris)

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