So as many may know I was trying to get the school coffee club running again.
The people that were running it found out and are trying to put me off doing it, but get this...
...they know that Scoot (my mum!) is a barista and are getting very nervous that I will get power to take their job!
Thing is they are just jealous because I have had proper training and they didnt. I also know for a fact the teachers, even though there was the coffee club running, they were going to town to the Goldfish Bowl (which is a proper coffee cafe) and buying their coffee there because its better. The teachers are only going to buy coffee from the club if I am making the coffee (but they also know Scoota Gal is a barista).
I have my fingers crossed about getting into the business and making the cafe better than it is and making better coffee. For example adding more to the menu (they only have latte, cuppachino and another which I have forgotten) I am also going to organize (if I get in) to get a better coffee bean from Pioneer Coffee and make them our supplier since I have been there and trust Jasons expertise! Thanks Jason! I have also thought about having my own coffee machine and doing a small scale school business (but it would be done in secret).

Its becoming a mess but I hope I can convince the person who is the organizer to let me get in if I tell him about my ideas.
Just thought you may want to know about it!
Cyas around!

*Edit by Scoota Gal for punctuation and use of caps lock in order to make the post make sense!

Honestly son, even I couldnt make sense of this post at first. Hope this helps. ;)