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Thread: Touching Base

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    Touching Base

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    Hi all,
    I havent been artound much lately but things have been frantic lately.

    I recently applied to go into a Registered Nurse re entry programme and was accepted . Started last week but spent a few weeks before that brushing up on some knowledge.

    Two weeks ago my daughter wrote off her car by falling asleep at the wheel and running into a parked car after work. She is fine and had a few bruises. OG and I are are considering locking her in a cupboard or selling her to the gypsies as this has been about the the fifth drama since the beginning of the year.

    Generally life has just been frantic as I have been involved in a breast cancer forum and the SA based members have get togethers etc

    I do try and pop in when I can to have a read and I promise not to be so recalcitrant and be here more often.

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    Re: Touching Base

    Hey Lucinda...

    Know the feeling of being busy and not always around! ;)

    Good luck with the re entry programme! And better luck with your daughter by the sounds of it!

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    Re: Touching Base

    Hey Lucinda great to hear from you. I was very nearly in Adelaide last week except the negotiations are moving faster than the travel agents can keep up with.

    Hope all are well over there!

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