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Thread: Caffeine for AD(H)D?

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    Caffeine for AD(H)D?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowdown link=1208217423/0#7 date=1211549312
    I have friends who charge their ADHD kids with caffeinated coffee twice a day.

    It makes them slow down markedly, reducing their Ritalin dose. Its no allusion.
    Im wondering if you have more details on this?
    Im interested because my daughter has just been diagnosed with ADHD, and while not on Ritalin yet, I think it will not be long.
    If theres more natural way ;) to slow her down, then I want to know.

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    Re: Mediocre decaf please?

    Seems to be something that works in reverse to people without AD(H)D... Stimulants calm them down and aid concentration; worked wonders with one of our boys and hes now a highly competent Avionics Tech. in the RAAF. Id certainly recommend trying natural methods where possible in the first instance but always in consultation with your childs paediatrician, of course....

    Cheers :),

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    Re: Caffeine for AD(H)D?

    Yep, I cant add any more than that.

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    Re: Caffeine for AD(H)D?

    I would just add that a treatment can either have no effect on the body and so no side effects or it can have an effect and also a side effect. There a plenty of "natural" treatments with side effects. The idea of natural versus non natural is not a useful way of sorting treatments.The best way to decide about the effects and side effects of a treatment is to look at the trials. Failing that find an expert that you trust and ask them. A paediatrician with an interest in ADHD would be such a person.


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    Re: Caffeine for AD(H)D?

    thanks all
    I have to read more about this
    Amongst all places, I wouldnt expect to get a tip from coffeesnobs forum ;D (related to coffee too)

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