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Thread: barista wages

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    barista wages

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    Hi, Iam thinking of employing a casual barista someone who can do basic rosette and can pull an espresso that is not bitter, 20hrs a week, only a small business operation but I dont want to insult people by offering too little can someone tell me whats the going rate, Iam not looking for a champion, cannot afford one. Thanks

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    Re: barista wages

    This has been discussed before.
    It depends on what state you are in and what award the job falls under.

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    Re: barista wages

    Do a search on
    wageline (your state) eg QLD
    Find a classification eg retail take away food
    The whole award will come up scroll down to wages
    and thats all to it

    If stuck ring them


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    Re: barista wages

    Sometimes though the award would be insulting and perhaps what they are after is market rates (and they may of course be the award) - but what location you are in would help.

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